We use kid tailored lesson plans, technology, and fun activities to communicate the love of God to your child!


New services launch on Sundays @ 8AM.

  -How to lead your child to Christ-  

JR!s: K3-K5

Complete online video lessons for you to enjoy with your early childhood kiddos. Praise and worship, a Scripture based lesson and an adventure all rolled into one!


Print out each week's Adventure Book and download the Bible App for Kids for an experience that will last throughout the week.


KIDS: 1st-5th Grades

Complete online video lessons for your elementary aged child to enjoy. Praise and worship (with motions, of course!), Scripture based lesson, and practical life-application depicted through a fun cast of characters.


Print / open each week's Family Discussion guide for main point, Bible verse, questions, prayer and devotional suggestions that will last through the week!

 Jesus tells us to have faith like a child, to love and trust God like a child loves and trusts the people who love them. At Creek Kids, we want to help that love and trust grow, to see kids pursuing their purpose and making a difference. 

We have weekly lesson plans for both Pre-K and Elementary Kids available for you to engage with them on our online experience. We also invite you to remain connected with us by joining our LIVING CREEK KIDS FaceBook page and belonging to our Creek Kids email list. Stay up to date with the latest at Creek Kids and have access to mid-week encouragement and activities!